“To a Special Dog: Happy Valentine’s Day”

Lizzy is an animal lover.  Hardcore.  She adores her animals (cat, dog, and guinea pig), and those that share the homes of her loved ones.  She can be a bit timid when approaching a strange dog, she’s like me that way.

We decided to share some of the 5 billion “milk bones” we picked up at Costco last week with some of the doggies in our lives.

We whipped up a simple tag, inspired by Amanda’s Valentine printables that she shared this week.

I have learned throughout the years that nothing pleases family and friends more than kiddo handmade goodness.  So Lizzy went about making the tags for these Valentines.  She made a few varieties, and I made several copies.

Fold, staple, staple, DONE!


Cute, quick and cheap.

Happy Valentine’s Day to your “Special Dog”!


A comment would be lovely.  I appreciate each and every one!

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