Mardi Gras: Beignet Recipe

How are you enjoying that Cafe’ au lait?  Perks ya right up, doesn’t it?  Well in my opinion, it was made to pair with this sweet treat.


I am not going to lie to you, a Beignet is fried sweet dough rolled in sugar.

And they are so good.

Served all over New Orleans any time of year, the one thing that makes them distinctly southern is the name (which is actually French).  But we have all had some variation of the Beignet, and many of us refer to it as “delightful”.

Enough chatter, let’s get down to business.

This recipe comes straight from the butter queen herself, Paula Deen.

French Quarter Beignets

Combine in a large bowl, and let sit for about 10 minutes:

1 1/2 Cups lukewarm water

1/2 Cup granulated sugar

1 envelope active dry yeast.

In another bowl beat together:

2 eggs

1 1/4 tsp salt

1 Cup evaporated milk

Add the egg mixture to the yeast mixture and combine well.

Now add 3 cups of flour to the egg/yeast mixture, stir until combined.

Now mix  in 1/4 cup of shortening.

Now you are going to go to town stirring while adding the remaining flour (about 4 cups more).

Flour a solid work surface and your hands WELL.  Now knead until your dough in nice and smooth and no longer sticky.  Don’t over work it, though!  This is a great time to let your kiddo get involved, kneading the dough is fun for anyone!

Spray a large bowl with olive oil, place your nicely kneaded dough in the bowl.  Cover with plastic wrap or a towel.

Once your dough has risen, liberally flour your hands, rolling-pin and work surface.  Transfer dough to work surface and get to work rolling it out.

Heat oil to 350 degrees fahrenheit.  If you do not have a thermometer, you can gauge the oils readiness by testing a piece of dough.  Once submerged, your dough should pop to the surface quite readily.

Fry Beignet  until golden on one side.  With a slotted spoon, gently (so as not to splash oil on yourself) turn them over.  Cook the opposite side until both sides are equally golden.  This happens rather quickly.  Stay close.

With a slotted spoon, transfer to your Beignet to a cooling rack to drain. Liberally cover with powdered sugar.

Pour yourself a cup of cafe’ au lait, turn on your favorite jazz tunes (Miles Davis, perhaps?), and sink your teeth into one of these little pillows of delight!  Having a hard time eating just one?  Pack up the rest and take ‘em to the nearest fire station.  Those folks will love you for ‘em.

If you should find yourself with any leftovers, we reheat our Beignets in the toaster oven.  Sprinkle a bit more powdered sugar on these babies, and you are golden!

I am sure enjoying myself this week.  Mardi Gras is just days away, and we have quite a bit to do to prepare for our guests.

See you real soon!


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  1. Erika says:

    Hi! We absolutely love some beignet’s in this household. Along with jambalaya, red beans and rice, etouffee, and my hubby does crawfish and boudin. Can you guess where he’s from? ;) I found you with Whipperberry this morning and look forward to coming through more often!

    • Jay says:

      So glad you found me, Erika. We are not from the south, but I do love a party! And what is not to love about Beignets? In moderation, of course!;)

      Be sure to check back, I have more Marti Gras fun on the back burner!

      Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!

  2. I have never had these. I live in Northern Indiana and never been to cajun country. They sound delicious! Maybe I’ll give them a try sometime (soon)! Thanks for posting the recipe and the directions!

    • Jay says:

      Beth, they are easy to make! I had never made them prior to last week, and I am not well skilled in the deep-frying department. You can do it! Waiting for the dough to rise is the longest part. Mardi Gras is Tuesday, you should go for it!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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