Scenes from the Field

Not to far from Wilbur Road, there is a Valley.  A beautiful Valley, which grows an abundance of many wonderful things; like the World’s largest annual crop of beet seed.  Impressive.

But even more impressive is the show the fields put on during the months of March, April and May.

You see bulbs grow very well here. 

I drive past the fields almost daily.  I watch their progress; on my way to run errands or to school.  I never take their beauty for granted.

First up, the Daffodils.

Temperatures are supposed to reach 60 degrees here today, so I bet we will see many of these fields alive with color in the next few days.

What signs of spring are you noticing?



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  1. Jenny says:

    Wow, when the daffodils open that’s going to be a spectacular sight!

    • Jay says:

      Check back, Jenny. This is going to be a series over the next few months, with daffodils, tulip, iris and peony. The peony bloom is my favorite time of year.
      Thank you for stopping by my little site!

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