DIY: Old School Green Chalkboard Mural

As we were building this wall, I knew that it was destined to be used for some creative purpose.  After throwing around a few ideas in my head, I decided on a large chalk board.  One thing I just could not decide on was the color.  I have painted many, many things with black chalkboard paint.  But after so many great tutorials in blog-land, I decided to try my hand at mixing my own chalk board paint.  Martha has done it.  Elsie has done it.  And of course, Kate gave a great tutorial as well.  Chances are, you too have made your own chalkboard paint.  I guess it was just my turn.

I do believe that everyone is using the same ratio.

Now, originally I wanted more of a green apple color, and had I taken the apple with me to the Home Depot, I would have a more yellow-green.  Truth be told, I actually really like the color I ended up with.

The paint is Behr Premium Plus Ultra (paint and primer in one) in Pesto.  It looked much more like pistachio pudding on the paint can lid.  When I picked it up from the paint desk, I experienced a moment of horror diappointment.

And I have to admit after the paint dried I experienced a moment of  “Oh, Lord.  What have I done?”


The grout is “bright white” non-sanded grout.  I do not think it affected the color at all.   I mixed the paint and grout together in this 13″ x 9″ lidded plastic container because I had read that it sets up pretty fast because of the grout.  Also, the lid serves as a great paint tray.  I used my new favorite painting tool; a 4″ foam roller.  It provided a nice smooth finish, perfect for a chalk board mural.


So here is our “blank canvas”.  It is a half wall, about 4 feet high by 15 feet long.  It is in our lower level, adjacent to the family room.  You will see more of that room soon.


And here is the after.  After in-progress, really.  I need to add trim around the “bar top”.

Like I said before, after the second coat dried, I was not so keen on the outcome.  But Lizzie and I spent some time priming the board, wiping it down with white chalk.  And then… it just kinda transformed before my eyes.

“Why hello, old school green chalkboard!  Thanks so much for showing up!”

And… I really like it.  Every member of the family has come down for a scribble or a doodle.  Now a previously under-utilized area of our home is being used for creative, fun pursuits.  Love it!

I also want to grab a few more small stools, which are much more comfortable than the floor.

Lizzie in action.

Until the weather warms up, I see us spending quite a bit of time here; drawing spring flowers, blue skies, apple trees, and quadratic equations.

What’s your next bold move?  I want to know!

xo Jay

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  1. Colleen says:

    Ah, I love it! What a colorful twist on the black chalkboard paint we’ve all grown to love. We’re planning on doing a whole (small wall), and now I’m changing my mind about using black. Looks great!

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